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Sean Tuttle (°1979, Poughkeepsie, New York, United States) is an artist from Hampton, Virginia. Sean's expertise evolved from his skills acquired as a sheet metal fabricator. He has been developing metal art for the last ten years, and every sculpture that he creates bares his signature technique. He is a devoted father, craftsman, photographer, free diver, spear fisherman, angler, and bodyboarder. He draws inspiration from these passions, and uses his talents to share them with the world. His works have been collected on five continents.


Tuttle Custom Design uses aluminum to fabricate our various sculptures and designs. The process starts by cutting the durable metal into the desired shape. Once cut and cleaned, Sean etches details into the metal by using a high-speed disc grinder. His signature technique creates the amazing holographic effect. The artwork is hand-painted using enamel-based paint that is durable and outdoor safe. The sculpture is finished with lifelike characteristics displaying amazing realism and craftsmanship. The final product is a vibrant, glossy, candy-coated creation that is an epic homage to aquatic life and beautiful in any atmosphere.




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